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Welcome to Offton & Willisham Parish Council
This website is provided by the Parish Council to act as a useful resource of information for visitors, new comers and established residents of the two parishes of Offton and Willisham.

The site also serves to make the Council more accessible to residents and encourage their involvement through the publicising of meetings and the making available of public domain council documents such as meeting agendas and minutes.

We hope you find this resource useful and if you have any information that you think should be available here or have any comments your input will be most welcome.

The parish councillors are:
    Mr. Keith Earl (chairman)                 Willisham      01473 658317
    Mr. David Cattermole (vice-chairman)   Offton      01473 658579
    Mr. Mike Bolton                                      Offton      01473 658304
    Mr. David Parks                                      Offton      01473 658994
    Mr. Andrew Cox                                Willisham      01473 658349
    Mr. Ivan Gilson                                  Willisham      01473 658387
    Mrs. Alison Rumsey                                Offton      01473 658591
    Mr. Colin Pinson-Roxburgh                     Offton      01473 658213
    Mrs. Sheona Warnes                         Willisham      01473 658665
    Mr. Michael Ratcliffe                                Offton      01473 658546
    Mrs. Olga Holtom                       Parish Clerk         01473 657777

If you have anything that you would like to be discussed at a parish council meeting please contact one of the above councillors and they will bring it to the council's attention.
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30 April 2018

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