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The Parish Council normally have a minimum of 5 meetings each year, normally every two months on the 1st Monday of the month, at 7:00pm. During the Covid-19 outbreak meetings are being held via Zoom. 

For the anyone wishing to participate in the meeting, questions can be emailed directly to the Clerk.
Anyone wishing to view the meeting, and at the discretion of the Chair, speak during the meeting, please email the Clerk who can then email a link to enable you to join the meeting.

Please note: Meetings were held at the Village Hall off Lower Coney Grove in Offton

The agenda for the meeting will be posted in the "Agendas" section. The next meeting is shown on the home page, in the Next Meeting box


The May meeting is normally followed by the annual parish meeting, which is a public meeting.

Details of the meetings are placed on the Council's website and on the Council's notice boards (only online at present) in the villages in advance of the meeting. Any issues of local concern can be brought to the notice of the Clerk or any Councillor, prior to the meetings. The Council receives details of planning applications, and other matters from the District and County Councils.

As local representatives, the Council gives regard to your views, and spends the money raised through the Parish Precept. Your involvement is therefore very important.

Council Documents

Recent and current documents are listed under 'Minutes', 'Agenda'  and 'Parish Council Documents' for you to view or download. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact the clerk by email at

Past Information from the Council

Please note there is a Joint Local Plan Consultation with a closing date of 30th Sept 2019. Please provide your views, you will need to register in that site.

The parish council is looking for volunteers as First Responder,
please open this document to read more about it

8 December 2012
The Willisham Councillors of the Parish Council chose to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year by planting a tree. An oak tree was planted on the small tye opposite the Church where the road to Crow Hall forks off. Several people turned up to see the planting and toasted the event with a glass of Mulled wine. An appropriate plaque attached to the tree guard commemorates the event.

1 December 2012
Another successful Senior Citizens Christmas Party took place by invitation of the Parish Council. 60 guests enjoyed a wonderful meal amongst neighbours and friends in the warm, comfortable, and beautifully decorated surroundings of the new village hall. Other invited guests were Pip Sands, the long standing now retired clerk to the council and Mrs. J. Truelove, county councillor, who had supported the purchase of new padded chairs for the hall. Entertainment by Cara and Ted and carols sung by all accompanied by Mr. P. Chapman rounded off a lovely afternoon.

14 July 2012
The Parish Plan Exhibition in the Offton and Willisham Village Hall was attended by about 40 people from both villages. They took the opportunity to view the outcome of the survey from last year and were able to add their support to the particular issues to be addressed as a result of this survey. The detailed examination of the results will be delivered to all households towards the end of the year.

2 July 2012
The District Council has issued a document on flood prevention. Please read this detailed information so you are aware of what you can do to protect your property. 

June 2012
The parish Council was pleased to help towards the Jubilee celebrations in Willisham and Offton.Willisham had their get-together in North Acres with BBQ and tables laden with food from all who participated.They had a lovely time and joined Offton people in the ewvening when the BBC concert outside Buckingham Palace was broadcast. This was shown on the bir screen in the village hall and afterwards a beacon was lit. It was a wonderful evening. The following day Offton got together in St. Mary's Close where there was aband and BBQ and games for all ages. It had been organised by villagers and particularly by Vicky and Sean and Kelvin. It was a very pleasant afternoon and it finished just as the first drops of rain fell. Well timed.

April 2012
Pip Sands, parish clerk for the past 26 years has now retired and his longstanding service to the council was recognised by the councillors at a dinner given in his honour. The guests all enjoyed a wonderful dinner and pleasant evening with reminiscences of years of council business and past members of the council. The chairman, on behalf of all the councillors, wished Pip a long and contented retirement. Pip was overwhelmed with the best wishes and presentation of a gift for him and thanked everyone for the support he had received over those 26 years.

March 2012

The parish council had notice from the clerk that he would stand down in 2012. The council are now pleased to announce  that the position of a new clerk has been filled by Mrs. Jayne Double.

July 2011
The vacancy for a Willisham councillor has been filled by Mr. Ivan Gilson.

May 2011
All parish councillors willing to stand have been re-elected for the next 5 years. However Chris Storey did not stand again. Therefor there is a vacancy for Willisham. Anyone willing to be a parish councillor should contact the parish clerk.

May 2010
The parish council are most grateful to Mr. Ken Southall for restoring the telephone kiosk so beautifully and authentically.
He even used the official red colour and reinstated the gold leaf crown.

26th April 2010
The Annual General Meeting took place and all councillors were prepared to continue. The chairman remains Mike Bolton for the coming year.

11th December 2009
There will be an opportunity to view the plans re new overhead cables in our countryside proposed by National Grid. The consultation takes place at Somersham Village Hall. It is your chance to make your views known.

July 11th & 12th 2009
The Anniversary celebrations of 70 Years of Wattisham Airfield were much enjoyed by many locals

February 2009
The red telephone box on the Green now belongs to the parish council and will be maintained by the council from now on. It represents a bit of social history which we are happy to promote.

February 2008
'Proposed diversion of path through Willisham Lodge'
-------> This has been discussed and resolved

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